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Dunstan Farmers Engineering has also manufactured a range of land conservation and landcare equipment. This agricultural machinery can be used for irrigation and soil preparation purposes.

folding-smudger front view folding-smudger side view

Folding Smudger

Folding smudger available in 4 sizes - 30’, 35’, 40’ and 45’. Comes complete with 265/70R 15 tyres, 7 x 15” sunraysia rims. ?All operated from the tractor, ie. Hydraulic folding and unfolding. Requires 100-150hp (depending on finishing off or moving of large amounts of dirt). Folds up to 4.1 metres wide for travelling.


Crowder is available in 5-metre width. Comes complete with hydraulics, pull frame, wheels & tyres. Dirt can be dragged up 2.5 metres each side. Check banks can be made as high as you want. It can be used as either a linkage or trailing unit.


Rippers are available as a single tyne, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 13 tyne. Also available is a tomato linkage ripper with mole boards.

Seeder Bins

Available in various sizes.